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Very useful light switch hooks for doggy poo poo bags
We, at least so far, have allowed dogs to be in our short term rental. Most people have been pretty good. However we had some people whose garbage was full of dog poo poo. I guess I’m happy that they got it into the garbage. But the bags weren’t tied well and when I moved…

About this site:

Hello to anyone coming to this site looking for accommodations in the San Saba, Richland Springs, Algerita, Brownwood, Brady, or other town in this area. Also, if you are from the area and wondering what this site is about, read on…

This site is a booking site for short term rentals in the area. It can also synchronize with the other booking sites like AirBnB and vrbo.

Go look at the “places to stay” tab on the menu bar. This is what we have so far.

If you are local – there is a way for you to participate as well. Do you make local art, jellies, wine, soap, or anything else that is unique. Please drop us a note on this site (see the contact form) and let us know what you have.

Interested in affiliate marketing? We have a way to help with that too. But I won’t say more here. Too much of something becomes not a good thing.

Why Coyotes?

Because we are pro Richland Springs Coyotes!