Very useful light switch hooks for doggy poo poo bags

We, at least so far, have allowed dogs to be in our short term rental. Most people have been pretty good.

However we had some people whose garbage was full of dog poo poo.

I guess I’m happy that they got it into the garbage. But the bags weren’t tied well and when I moved it to the city dumpster I had a “dog biscuit” roll out and smear my truck.

So we bought some doggy poo poo bags with a dispenser for the house.

But now we had the problem – “where do we put our doggy poo poo bags so that people will understand what they need to do and not forget?”

We got lucky one day and found a very neat set of HOOKS or PEGS that can be mounted very easily to a light switch by just installing underneath the wall switch plate.

You can find the under wall plate hooks at this site:


measure your faceplate - this one is a midway 2-gang
Measure your faceplate – this one is right @ 5 inches so it is a 2-gang MIDWAY (that is a size notation)

Here is the wall plate hooks in action – ready to keep our place free and clean of “doggie debris”.

Restaurant Space Available – Great Terms

The village of Richland Springs is interested in a tiny economic development concept. If you’re willing to work hard, there is a small economic development concept whereby your startup costs can be very minimal.

Some key ideas about this opportunity that you may not have thought about:

  • Supportive community looking for a place that does not serve alcohol
  • Recent small test operation indicates building/equipment/facilities are operable
  • Richland Springs is located on Hwy 190 & 45 – you can have very good highway traffic with good signage
  • Supportive “competitors” who really don’t want to mess with breakfast or a bigger lunch
  • Ability to “craft” your own concept/hours/menus that work WITH the local community
  • I think breakfast would be a plus 😉

Fall 2021 Quick Notes – Short Term Rental House in Richland Springs

We’ve been running our Coyote Country Guest House now for about 4 months. Honestly we didn’t know how this would turn out.

Our mission has been to “be a positive force for good” in Richland Springs.

Many people did not like that our house was not made available for LONG TERM RENTAL, but instead we made it only available for SHORT TERM RENTAL.

The good thing – Our little short term rental has been used by many people to the service of Richland Springs.

  • So… who has been staying at our little house?
  • Several people having family reunions
  • Stargazers – for the Perseid Meteor shower
  • Colorado Bend State Park visitors
  • Families coming into town for funerals (I don’t count this as a reunion)
  • Visiting relatives – not a reunion – but just visiting
  • Escaping hurricanes in Louisiana. Yes, we’ve helped families by providing shelter to them
  • Hunters whose families are coming with them
  • Hunters who were bringing a bunch of people
  • Several “girls weekends”
  • One group of folks who simply stay at places all over Texas
  • A group of researchers counting fish in the Colorado river

Can you make money in Richland Springs?

Truth be known… I think that is the $100 question that many people might have when considering living WAY OUT in Timbuktu!

To answer this question – I’m not going to address the idea of running mail-order businesses from Richland because those businesses do NOT matter location.

This question should be refined as “Can a foot-traffic-based business make money in Richland Springs?”

Datapoint 1: One person told us that they ran a booth every time San Saba had their trade days outside their courthouse. They then said they also ran a booth in Richland Springs for a yearly event and that the SINGLE event in Richland yielded substantially more business than the San Saba events ever did. This isn’t meant to “diss” San Saba – rather it is to show that for some odd reason you can do quite well attending Richland Springs events. I don’t have a provable theory why, I only offer this as a datapoint.

Datapoint 2: Another person ran a BBQ shop (not who you think, so please don’t speculate) on 190 and they said that the 190 thru-traffic was bankable. They did not get many local folks, but they ended each day’s till with a good bit of revenue and it was almost always based on 190 traffic.

Datapoint 3: We had a little “test run” of a restaurant in downtown Richland – not on 190 at all – and while I don’t know anything about the daily till receipts, I have it on good authority that one day one of the wait staff made $300 in tips. I think that speaks to… something. It is a datapoint.

If you are CLEVER, enterprising, *AND* match your product to Hwy 190-thru-traffic and the desires of that traffic, I believe you can get a surprising amount of traffic.