General Cancellation Policy

We have a simple policy – the first person to show up with the most money and the least headache gets to stay.

If you don’t pay a deposit and we get another reservation who will pay us a deposit, you will lose your reservation.

If you pay us a deposit, but we get another interested party who will pay us the entire fee ahead of time, then you will get your deposit refunded and lose your reservation.

In other words, you should pay the full amount.

If you get a special long term rate and you leave early, you must pay the rate for the time that you stayed – you don’t get the special rate anymore because you didn’t do what you said you would do.

It takes 2 weeks advance notice to get a new reservation. So if you cancel within 7 days of your reservation, you can only get 1/2 of your money back. This shares the burden of cancellation. We both lose something. We probably cannot replace your reservation due to the late cancellation.